Loose Mountain Tea

Loose Mountain Tea

Greek mountain tea or Sideritis is also known as ‘shepherd’s tea’ and ‘ironwort’. Sideritis translates as “he who is made of – or has – iron.” The mythology goes that it was used to cure wounds caused by iron in battles and it was the food of the Titans. The elderly still urge young children to drink at least a cup a day to make them as strong as a Titan.

Sip on this award-winning tea to benefit from all the well-being advantages such as antioxidant properties similar to those of green tea, anti -microbial and anti-inflammatory properties, cardiovascular and interstitial benefits, helping lower blood pressure & reducing inflammation.

      • Greek mountain tea (Sideritis) whole flowers only.
      • Rounded and smooth to taste – a touch of fruit, woody and earthy notes, and a light, floral element. 
      • Naturally caffeine-free.
      • 25g Whole flower Greek mountain tea 

    GREK’S unique story reminds us to enjoy the journey as much as the taste. 

    “Our high-class teas embody perfection from start to finish. From the moment you take in their aromatic richness until the last drop touches your lips, you’ll know that our herbal tea infusions embrace the very essence of what tea is supposed to be.”- GrekTeas

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