Flower Of Life Crystal Grid

Flower Of Life Crystal Grid

A magical sight for the eyes and the soul, activate your custom crystal grid combination of rose quartz stones that manifest dreams into reality. Turn on your crystal grid with positive vibes and pure intentions to achieve your goals and bring your visions to life.

Manifest love, peace, power and clarity into your environment once the grid has been activated and watch your life unfold into what it’s meant to be.  

A unique and eye-catching piece for your home, office or sacred sanctuary; this magical crystal grid holds high vibration crystals to evoke positive energy into your life. Once activated with positive vibes and pure intentions, the rose stones will evoke peace and love to create harmony and romance.

    The quartz stones will bring you strength, power and clarity. Express yourself and live up to your true potential with these custom chosen rose quartz crystals.

    Net Weight: 7 ounces

    by Ariana Ost 

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