10 Baby Shower Gifts from Patet for Parents-To-Be

10 Baby Shower Gifts from Patet for Parents-To-Be

10 Baby Shower Gifts from Patet for Parents-To-Be
Posted by angela yeranosian on 08 June, 2022

Choosing the perfect gift for a baby shower can be a tricky path to navigate even if the expecting parents have set up a baby registry. A list will at least give you ideas and also a view of your budget but you still want something special that says “welcome to parenthood”.

How close you are to the expectant parents is a factor. Is she your BFF or a casual acquaintance? For either, your instinct will play a part so go with the flow!

Do you opt for something functional or something fun? Does practicality outweigh the educational? Do you know the sex of the new baby or will the gift be gender-neutral? Are you buying by yourself or are you responsible for choosing the gift on behalf of a group, maybe a group of work colleagues or friends circle? Then there’s your budget. A group purchase may extend to something like a car seat or stroller but a smaller budget still means a huge array of suitable gifts the new parents will really appreciate.

Another idea that works when you can’t make a choice from all the fabulous baby shower gifts that are available is to make up your own gift basket of things first-time parents will need. You could use a diaper pail or diaper bag as the carrier and fill it with inexpensive but useful items like lotion, wipes, rash cream, tissues, baby bottle, pacifier, bibs, etc. You might settle on a gift card as a last resort (or if the mom-to-be has made such a request).

The last thing you need to do is stress. No one needs that. So, you can get some great ideas from this list of baby shower gift ideas from Patet. We’ve got your back so get ready to be inspired.

Burp Cloths

New moms are going to spend a lot of time cleaning up a new baby. It is going to be one of the main focuses of activity from when the baby arrives and for the first year. The whole process is made a lot easier if they have all the right products easily to hand. Mom is going to have to deal with numerous diaper changes (don’t even think about how many!) but feeding time can also be messy.

Whether breastfeeding or using formula, the mom will burp the baby to prevent air bubbles from being trapped in the stomach and causing pain. Burping generally involves the baby spitting up and for this, the mom needs a burp cloth. She might just pick a piece of muslin but you can go one better with something a little more stylish. No reason to not look good whatever the situation.

So the gift may not be the most glamorous but the burp cloths from Patet have all the right features. They are made from super soft cotton to suit the baby’s delicate skin, have an absorbent fleece middle layer to prevent leakage onto mom or dad’s clothes, and are generous in size. as well as being machine washable.


Looking for a thoughtful gift? Bibs are a solid choice and very much appreciated simply because a new baby is going to need a lot of them. A newborn baby, for example, will need to be fed 8-12 times in 24 hours for the first few weeks - that’s a lot of bibs.

A bib is designed to protect a baby’s clothes at feeding time. While breastfeeding or bottle feeding, it can catch drips that are inevitable when the little one takes a breath between sips and sucks. It will also catch any yucky spit-ups and spillages. Bibs are also used when mom starts weaning onto solid baby food or when baby starts to drool when teething.

Just because they are practical doesn’t mean they can’t look good and the Patet bibs are a great-looking bandana style and available in two color/pattern options as a pack of four. Trendy and useful? Check!


With a new baby, there is no such thing as a cuteness overload. Not everything has to be practical but some things can be practical and cute and fun. Like booties. It is going to be a good few months after the baby arrives before he/she begins to walk but booties are an integral part of a baby gear collection. Keeping the baby warm and comfy is important so booties will keep those toes perfectly toasty.

Baby’s feet are going to look super cute in these lion booties. Suitable for ages up to 6 months, they are made from organic cotton. Stitched eyes, nose, and mouth are joined by fringe mane and ears to be unmistakably like the king of the jungle. They also come in a lovely lion-style drawstring tote bag. (p.s. there’s a matching bonnet too - aww)

Swaddle Blanket

A swaddle blanket is designed specifically for swaddling. This is wrapping a little one in a thin blanket that makes them feel secure and safe and is sometimes used to help soothe them. They are usually smaller than blankets designed for the bassinet or cot. but a little larger than receiving blankets.

The Patet swaddle blanket is made from a soft fabric that also contains spandex so it is nicely stretchy to enable the baby to be swaddled in various ways. It is a generous 46 inches square and is machine washable - a must for all baby essentials.

Hooded Baby Bath Wrap

How many times has your heart leaped when you’ve seen a picture of a baby in a wrap with a cute hood styled to look like an animal? Isn’t the reaction always, aww that’s so sweet! A hooded wrap isn’t just for the baby to look good after bath time. A wrap is better than a towel because it provides the head covering that a towel doesn’t.

Providing the ultimate comfort and softness newborn skin deserves, the Patet bath wrap is made from durable 100 percent cotton terry velour. As well as keeping the baby cozy, they’ll look super-cute with the hood styled as an adorable lamb. Measuring a luxurious 23 by 31 inches, it fits babies from newborns up to 24 months. Mom can be sure baby will quickly dry and warm up after bath time and will love that she can put the wrap in the washing machine and tumble dryer.


You might never be seen outside your house in a onesie but no baby closet would be complete without a stack of onesies ... onesies for daytime and sleeping... onesies for any occasion. Onesie has become a pretty generic term to cover a number of one-piece items including bodysuits, creepers, sleepsuits, and rompers. The proper term depends on whether it is short or long-sleeved and whether it has built-in feet or not, but you don’t need to get hung up on the proper name when choosing a baby shower gift. Any baby clothing makes a great gift because babies grow so quickly.

Not that we’re gender stereotyping, just being traditional with the choice of blue for a boy, the koala jumpsuit makes any little man a handsome chappie. The knit fabric is breathable and comfy and the stretchy neck and easy-to-fasten leg snaps make it easy for the new parents to dress their little one. They’ll love the koala peekaboo pocket and the special wooden hanger.


Fashionable can be functional and also environmentally friendly. This darling little jumpsuit is all three. Made from organic, naturally sustainable cotton muslin, every little girl will be a stunner in this owl print jumpsuit. The dainty ruffle details just scream baby fashionista in the making. Available in three sizes.

Olivia Owl Snuggler

If you want your gift to stand out in a crowd, this gorgeous fluffy owl will do the trick. Every child has a favorite toy and unless presented with only one, you just never know which one they will want to snuggle up to most often. A new baby usually gets presented with lots of cuddly toys and most will be teddy bears.

Olivia the Owl is made from 100 percent cotton and is super soft, perfect for a cuddle and snuggle time. The owl comes in a lovely presentation box which also makes it a great keepsake.

Board Book

Some would say books make the best gifts and a real book is so much less stuffy than a boring book token. Reading to even the littlest new arrivals is soothing and also helps new parents bond as the baby gets more used to the sound of their voices. Being read to also provides sensory stimulation and supports brain development and language. As they get older, the colorful pictures will also add stimulation connecting babies more with the world around them. Board books are small, easy to handle while holding a baby on a lap, and quick to read.

Choose from:





Baby Blanket

Blankets are vital to keeping a baby warm which is essential for healthy growth and development. They are needed indoors for nap time and bedtime, just for keeping warm and for going outside. Blankets come in many sizes and some are labeled for specific uses.

The beauty of the Owl Print Blanket is that it is suitable for multiple uses. It is perfect as a stroller blanket but can be used in a bassinet, crib, and as a play mat. Made from 100 percent cotton muslin with a backing of 100 percent polyester fleece, the blanket only gets softer over time. The fabrics are breathable to ensure the baby doesn’t overheat. Measuring 30 by 40 inches, it has a cute owl print and attractive border ruffles.


Something for the Mom-to-Be

New moms need me time. It’s not unusual to present the expectant mother with a gift set just for her at her baby shower. All the attention is on the upcoming birth and the immediate afterward and meeting the baby’s needs. Mom is going to go through a stressful and exhausting experience to bring her little bundle of joy into the world so it’s a nice thought to think about treating her instead of the new baby.

A new mom is going to be time-poor so she will appreciate anything that helps her to relax or be a little bit pampered. She can turn her precious soak in the tub into a luxurious experience with these lovely soaking salts with a gorgeous aroma. She’ll feel reenergized thanks to the mix of 84 trace minerals which will also help relax those tense muscles from the constant bending and lifting.

The best baby shower gifts are those that are given with love and hopes for a happy future for the new family to be. New parents and especially first-time parents have a need for many things to help bring raise a baby so they will be thankful for your contribution no matter how big or small., whether you choose a keepsake, a teether, or a baby monitor.

Send A Box Of Love With Curated Gifts From Patet

Baby Lamby

Baby Lambie is the ultimate unisex newborn congratulatory gift! The soft plush cotton feels as silky and smooth as a newborn baby's skin. This gift set includes our soft Baa Baa Baby Big, a playful Little Lamby Ring Rattle, the most plush Lamby Snuggler Blanket and much more! 


Boss Momma

Motherhood is difficult yet rewarding. Write down all the things that make you grateful about motherhood while sipping on a warm cup of coffee (we'll keep it between us if it's wine instead). This gift set includes our Mom Strong mug for all her favorite drinks and a self care journal+pen to jot down those amazing mom thoughts. 

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