Curated Hospitality Gift Boxes Your Airbnb Guests Will Love

Curated Hospitality Gift Boxes Your Airbnb Guests Will Love

Curated Hospitality Gift Boxes Your Airbnb Guests Will Love
Posted by angela yeranosian on 24 August, 2022

It’s one thing to attract guests to your Airbnb with an attractive advertisement, it’s another to present a stay that earns a great review that will then encourage further guests. Receiving more and future bookings means paying attention to the little details that make your property and hospitality stand out from the competition.

A well-rehearsed way to increase positive reviews for your vacation rental is to present a new guest/party of guests with a gift box. Although it might seemingly add to your burden of getting your place ready, a well-curated Airbnb gift basket to welcome your guests clearly indicates the level of care they can expect during their stay.

What is an Airbnb Welcome Basket?

An Airbnb welcome box is a collection of items you leave for your guests ready for when they check in.

The contents of the welcome package is entirely up to you. It can include anything from toiletries, basic groceries, drinks and treats. It might include a brand new pack of cards, magazines, the latest blockbuster on DVD or fresh flowers.

It is nice to make the theme local too, so if it’s a winter stay or location, fixings for hot chocolate are more appropriate than beach towels. Artisinal products from local producers are also a nice touch

Why Present an Airbnb Welcome Basket?

Why go to the extra expense and effort of putting together a welcome box of goodies?

To make your guests feel at home

People choose Airbnb for a vacation rental because they want the personal, home-from-home touch that hotels do not provide. A welcome package is the embodiment of that cozy feeling.

It sets out you are an Airbnb host who goes the extra mile

When you curate a collection of thoughtful gifts, it signifies that your guests are truly welcome in your property. It indicates your concern for the guest experience and their comfort and well-being during their stay.

It can increase the number of positive reviews

Every positive review increases your chance of repeat and new bookings so anything that creates a lasting impression will help to incentivize guests to write about their experience. Airbnb reviews are a useful part of attracting people to your property and the number of positive and 5-star reviews show the credibility of not only your rental but you as a host.

It encourages guests to rebook

To be a successful Airbnb host, you need people to rent your property. So as well as offering a lovely, comfortable, well-maintained property, you need to create an experience that will leave a lasting impression. People are more likely to rebook and recommend your vacation rental to friends and family if they have a memorable stay.

Examples of Curated Gift Baskets for Airbnb guests

The gift ideas are totally up to you and what you think is appropriate. Welcome gifts can be useful during the guests’ stay or they can be little treats that simply extend your hospitality. You can put together a hotchpotch of items or choose a particular theme. If you know that your guests have booked your rental property for a special occasion, you might approach the welcome pack with a different view than if it’s a family getaway, for example.

Whatever gifts you include, always include a welcome note. A handwritten note addressing the guests by name is a special little touch. This can be left with the welcome pack or propped up somewhere visible. You might also think of having a welcome book. This would detail all the little bits of information that a guest might need such as contact numbers, your hours of availability, WiFi code, any instructions for appliances or equipment and alarm codes. You might also include local cab companies and food delivery (takeout) companies in this guest book - anything useful.


Whether to celebrate or just to relax, a drinks-themed gift basket is a nice welcome at the start of a vacation. The obvious choice is a bottle of wine but everything needed for a cocktail evening is a less traditional and more sophisticated choice, particularly if your guests are a couple.

Our idea of a welcoming cocktail gift basket includes:

Collins dirty cocktail mix

Cocktail olives

Martini glasses


Cocktail snacks like silverskin onions and peanuts

Alternatively, you can choose our ready-made cocktail box - Olive You!

A Warming Touch

A warm drink after a long journey or a day of sightseeing is always a welcome thought. As you won’t know if your guests prefer tea, coffee or chocolate, it’s best to cover all bases. Some suggestions are:

Loose tea
Tea infuser
Ready roasted and ground coffee beans
Hot chocolate mix
Swizzle sticks
Biscuits or cookies

    Our Reverie Tea Box is a good example of how to curate a tea-themed welcome pack.

    Girl’s Night In

    No matter the age, there’s nothing like a girl’s slumber party or a pampering session. If you have a female party checking into your vacation rental, a wellness/self-care package will be met with whoops of delight. Things you might consider include:

    Face masks
    Emery boards
    A small selection of nail polishes
    Facial wipes
    Scented candles

      Games Night

      Some people play games at any time but for others, it is a vacation activity. Our Rational Irrational gift box is great for adults but if your renting party is multi-generational think about:


      A pack of cards
      A large jigsaw
      Score pad
      Pencils for keeping score

      Tasty Treats

      Food and drink are a foundation of good hospitality so some well-chosen tasty tipples and nibbles will go down well. Think of

      A bottle or two of wine
      Artisan jam
      Specialty olive oil
      Charcuterie and cheese
      Locally made baked goods
      Sweet treats

        As you can see, once you pick a theme, creating an Airbnb welcome box is quite easy. But a welcome pack isn’t the be all and end all of being a good Airbnb host. Remember to respond to guest questions and issues promptly and keep general household supplies topped up if you want a glowing report in your review.

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