How to Build the Perfect Gift Box: Tips and Themes

How to Build the Perfect Gift Box: Tips and Themes

How to Build the Perfect Gift Box: Tips and Themes
Posted by angela yeranosian on 30 July, 2022

When you give a thoughtfully curated gift box, you create a special moment between you and the recipient. As they open their beautifully wrapped gift and discover each unique item, they’ll feel joy, appreciation, and connection. But how do you build a memorable gift box? 

At Patet, creating unique gift boxes is our specialty. We’re here to help you build the perfect gift box by going over five expert tips for creating a custom gift box with care. We’re also sharing dozens of theme ideas to help inspire your creation. 

Tips for Building the Perfect Gift Box 

Pick a Specific Theme 

If you want to create a cohesive and unique gift box, you should pick a specific theme. Ideally, you want to pick a theme that’s tailored to the recipient’s personality and interests. If you know them well, this will be easy. If you don’t, deciding on the right theme can take some research or guesswork. 

To get a better idea of what someone may like, think back to conversations you’ve had with them or look at what they post on social media. If you can find out simple information like their favorite color or what they like to do on weekends, that’s a great starting point for your theme. 


Don’t Box Yourself In 

While it’s called a “gift box,” a box isn’t the only container you can use for a curated selection of gifts. A box can be a great choice (especially if you need something that’s easy to ship), but it’s not your only option. You can package your gift in any container that fits your theme, which could be a picnic basket, a jewelry box, or even a purse. You can even DIY your own basket!


Focus on Gift Variety 

If you want your gift box to feel luxe, focus on picking a variety of items within the theme. For example, say you’re putting together an art-themed box. Art supplies are a must, but only including art supplies may feel a bit basic. Consider including other on-theme items, like gourmet art-themed candies, a chic artist’s beret, or an inspiring book on a favorite art style. Including a variety of items not only makes a gift box more unique but turns it into a full sensory experience. 

Another important aspect of variety is variety in size, shape, and texture. From a design perspective, a collection of items simply looks better when it features a visual variety. While it's not an absolute necessity, keep in mind that choosing gifts in a wide range of sizes, shapes, and textures will help your gift look that much more appealing.  


Raise It Up

When making a gift box, you need to think about not only exterior packaging but also interior presentation. For the most polished look, raise your gifts inside their container. A box with assorted small items looks more attractive when the items appear to be displayed, rather than thrown together in a jumble. Using a bit of tissue paper or packing straw to carefully arrange your goodies in the forefront of your box makes all the difference.  


Be Thoughtful With Small Details

Last but not least, be thoughtful about the small details of your gift box. Keep every element of your box on the theme and in the same color scheme. Making sure things like your filler and your gift tags are on theme will elevate the entire gift into something that feels truly special. 

Gift Box Theme Ideas 

Picking a good theme is arguably the most important step in building the best gift basket or box. If you’re drawing a blank during the theme selection process, here are some theme ideas to help you get inspired. 

Special Interest: 

Star Sign Theme
Coffee Lover 
Sports Team Theme 
Favorite Movie
Color Theme 
Birthstone Theme
Favorite Musical Artist
Favorite Song
Favorite Flower
Gym Lover
Location Theme
Poker Night 


    Special Occasion: 

    Welcome to the Neighborhood 
    Anniversary Year
    New College Student 
    New Baby 
    First Day of School
    Mother’s Day Spa 

      Holiday Season:

      12 Days of Christmas 
      Gingerbread Man
      Naughty & Nice
      Christmas in New York
      Winter Wonderland
      New Year’s Ball Drop Celebration
      Mulled Wine Making Kit

        Food & Drink: 

        Breakfast in Bed 
        Picnic Kit 
        Beach Day
        Cocktail Kit
        Wine & Charcuterie 
        International Food Favorites
        S’mores & Hot Chocolate


          Spa Night 
          Crystal Healing Kit
          Manicure Kit
          Get Well Soon Care Package
          Skincare Kit

            Creativity & Crafty: 

            DIY Candle Making
            Painter’s Starter Kit 
            Flower Arranging 
            Cake Decorating 
            Jewelry Making 

              Readymade Gift Boxes 

              Don’t have time to put together the perfect gift box? We’ve got you covered. Whether you’re looking for a birthday, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, anniversary, or just-because gift, we have a unique gift box they’ll love. Browse the featured boxes below or shop our full readymade gift box selection

              Lemon Beach

              Our Lemon Beach gift box allows you to experience the beachy vibe of the Amalfi Coast from the comfort of your sofa. This gift features a tour of Costa Amalfi via Assouline’s Amalfi Coast coffee table book, a silky lemon PJ set by Averie, and two treats for the senses in the form of a coral diffuser and an Amalfi lemon candle. 

              Drinks at the Beverly Hilton Hotel

              This retro-glamourous, pink and green themed gift box is inspired by the soul of Beverly Hills waiting to be unwrapped. Drinks at the Beverly Hilton Hotel is perfect for those who are obsessed with LA sunsets, palm trees, and a chic lifestyle.

              The Rational Irrational 

              Treat them to a wild night in with The Rational Irrational. This gift box features a casino game experience in a box and a 3 decanter set to ensure their night goes smoothly. It’s the perfect holiday gift or birthday gift for a loved one who’s wild at heart.  

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