Crystals for Beginners: How to Release Negativity

Crystals for Beginners: How to Release Negativity

Crystals for Beginners: How to Release Negativity
Posted by angela yeranosian on 22 June, 2022

Crystals are beautiful talismans that are thought to have many properties, including the ability to remove negativity from your life. But if you’re interested in energy healing, you’ll want to gain a basic understanding of which crystals are right for your spiritual needs. 

This brings us to today’s focus: how to use crystals to remove unwanted energy from your life. Which crystals should you use to banish bad vibes? Certain crystals are amazing for clearing energy and creating a fresh start. But when you remove energy, you leave a vacuum that’s waiting to be filled, so you want to be ready to intentionally fill your space with desirable energy. That’s why our gift boxes for releasing negativity feature cleansing crystals and crystals meant to attract things like joy, healing, and abundance. 

To clear bad vibes and welcome good ones, you can use one of our curated crystal bundles–we’re featuring three favorites at the end of this guide–or choose your gems à la carte. However you want to tackle your spiritual spring cleaning, here’s what you need to know about the 15 best crystals for releasing negativity and attracting positivity. 


Selenite to Remove Unwanted Energy


Selenite is a lovely, luminous crystal that every energy healer has in their collection. This stone is known for having high vibrations and the ability to banish negative energy. This crystal helps with decision-making, brings clarity, focus, and honesty with your confused thoughts. It works by clearing all blockages and uplifts with positive energy to cleanse and restore.

Selenite is simply a must-have if you want to cleanse any energy field; whether it's a physical space or your own aura. In addition, it serves as a charging bowl for all your crystals.

Black Tourmaline for Protection

Black tourmaline is a powerful protective stone used to dispel and ward off negativity. Think of this mysterious black gem as a barrier that wards off bad vibes. Cleanse your space with a purifying stone like selenite, then place black tourmaline by your front door to keep negative energy where it belongs: far away from your home. 

Clear Quartz for Power 

Clear quartz is an essential healing crystal with pure, high vibrations. You can use it to cleanse away clutter or to amplify the power of other crystals. Clear quartz acts like a megaphone that boosts the energy of other crystals, helping their message sing louder to body, mind, and spirit. Use it alone to gain clarity or pair it with another crystal for a power boost.

Rose Quartz for Love 


Replace negative energy with positive energy using rose quartz, the crystal of unconditional love. Rose quartz is a beautiful stone that can promote feelings of self-love, release emotional blockages, and attract romantic love. 


Amethyst for Serenity


Crystal healers often use amethyst, a stone strongly associated with the crown chakra, to release negative energy in the mind. This soft purple crystal is thought to ease negative thoughts, promote serenity, and help you reconnect to your intuition. If you want to wash away low vibe metal energy, which tends to manifest as things like cynicism or closed mindedness, amethyst is the crystal for you. 


Fuchsite for Heart Healing


Fuchsite is known for its heart healing energy and cheerful sparkle. If you’re carrying negative energy due to a matter of the heart, fuchsite can be an excellent self-care tool. Crystal healers recommend meditating with fuchsite to fuel recovery and promote a sense of renewal. 


Kyanite for Peace


Kyanite is a captivating blue crystal that’s used to promote peace and provide protection in energy-draining situations. It’s also a rare crystal that doesn’t collect energy, which means it never needs to be cleansed. This stone is beautiful, peaceful, and low-maintenance–what’s not to love?


Blue Calcite for Harmony

Blue calcite is known for its strong healing powers and high vibrations. It can be very powerful for soothing the mind and body, and promoting an overall sense of well-being. It’s a favorite among crystal healers for calming nervous energy and restoring balance. 


Pyrite for Tech Detox

While it's best known for its luck-attracting properties, pyrite is also a wonderful crystal for those who need to detox from tech or social media. Pyrite is thought to help shield against negative energy from technology and boost willpower. If you’ve been feeling rough after too much time scrolling your feed (we’ve all been there), pyrite could help dampen the allure of your phone and strengthen your resolve to take a much-needed break. 


Citrine for Joy


Flood your energy space with joy using citrine, the sunny crystal with a strong connection to the solar plexus chakra. This pretty golden crystal is thought to help clear out the solar plexus and sacral chakras, and strongly attract positive energy. 


Aquamarine for Emotional Healing

Aquamarine is considered one of the best crystals for cleansing the spirit after emotional hardship. Thought to have a similar healing energy to saltwater, this gemstone is associated with calmness and balance. Use this to cleanse your own spirit or give it to a loved one who is experiencing a loss. 


Sodalite for Self-Trust


Sodalite is a balancing stone associated with the third eye chakra, your center of perception. This crystal is helpful for boosting self trust and promoting emotional balance. It can also be excellent for ridding your mind and body from the toxic energy caused by fear or guilt. 


Aventurine for Resilience 


Aventurine is believed to diffuse negative emotions, attract prosperity, and encourage resilience during challenging times. Sign us up! Crystal healers recommend wearing this stone in jewelry or placing it in a space that has become stagnant. 


Carnelian for Overcoming Obstacles


Carnelian is a stabilizing crystal associated with courage and positive life choices. It’s believed to have healing properties in the metaphysical realm, making it a valuable stone for cleansing negativity that’s affecting the spirit. 


Tiger’s Eye for Confidence


Tiger’s eye is a stone of the root and sacral chakras, making it excellent for grounding and growing strength. It’s also thought to be a powerful tool for warding off negative energy. Use this pretty striped gem to repel bad vibes and boost your main character energy. 


Vibe Higher With Curated Gifts From Patet


Release Negativity Box 



The Release Negativity Box is perfect for anyone who wants to make room for positive vibes. Banish negative energy from your mind, body, and spirit with a selenite incense holder, a blue sage and rose smudging stick, CBD healing balm, and Andrea Boniar’s Detox Your Thoughts. Then, manifest love and abundance with the magical Flower of Life Crystal Grid and a plush pink journal for recording dreams, affirmations, and manifestations.


High Spirits Box


Recalibrate your energy with the High Spirits Box. This best selling set comes with Yulia Van Doren’s Crystals, a modern guide to crystal healing, and the beautifully sensorial Mantra Buddha Porcelain Aegean Teakwood Diffuser. And, of course, its star gift is the Rainbow Sunburst Healing Crystal Grid, a potent golden crystal grid featuring fuchsite, blue calcite, pyrite, clear quartz, citrine, and rose quartz. 


Good Vibes Healing Crystal Bundle


The Good Vibes Healing Crystal Bundle includes nine petite, yet powerful crystals. With amethyst, rose quartz, clear quartz, citrine, aquamarine, blue calcite, sodalite, black tourmaline, and carnelian, this bundle packs a punch when it comes to dispelling negativity and promoting peace.

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