Healing Powers of Crystals

This gift box with crystal and crystal book is a perfect present for someone who loves to learn about crystals and their healing properties. Black Tourmaline is a protective stone to remove negative energy, Quartz is a stone of strength and power. This grid is a perfect unisex item with a more masculine energy. Black and white are each known to be the reflection of all colors or the absence of color so pairing these two powerful colors is an amazing combination. 

In Crystallize: Modern Guide to Crystal Healing, author Yulia Van Doren | Goldirocks expands on her bestselling book, Crystals: The Modern Guide to Crystal Healing, by taking the reader deeper into the magic of unique crystals and minerals. Readers are encouraged to engage in active magic by helping crystals translate their luminescent multicolored, shimmering vibrations into real-life active magic.

Learn new ways to connect with the energies to enhance your home, health, and spirit through simple rituals, meditations, and easy everyday uses.


  • Hardcover guide to crystal magic and healing
  • More than 144 pages of crystal insights, tips, and suggestions
  • Geared for everyday use to explore active magic
  • A follow-up to her bestseller, Crystals: The Modern Guide to Crystal Healing

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