Mykonos Muse

The wind reverberates a captivating tale of long gone mythological encounters. It speaks about Mykonos’ journey hued with legend and decadence. Gifted with picturesque scenery and idyllic white houses, this island is one of the highlights of The Cyclades. 

The riveting narration and the blissful pictures depict dreamy beaches. Once, they rekindled the passion of party lovers and mesmerized the souls of creme de la creme members from all over the world. Eclectic visits of world-class personalities have polished the island's ambiance.

    The book talks about lust, untamed gay celebrations, coquettish smiles, seductive glares, and unprejudiced, witty locals. All these elements contributed to Mykonos’ stratospheric rise.

    • by Assouline 

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