Rainbow Sunburst Healing Crystal Grid

Crystals have been known to bring positive energy into your life as well as remove the unwanted. Once crystals are placed on a grid, the stones begin to amplify one another and manifest your dreams into reality.

The Rainbow Sunburst Healing Grid does just that and more by taking out the bad and bringing in the good. 

This grid is intended to inspire and manifest joy, abundance, love, celebration of life, protection and healing.

      • Fuchsite - For heart healing, love and mica like sparkle.
      • Blue Calcite - For tranquility and calm.
      • Pyrite - For success and luck and golden sparkle with grounding properties.
      • Clear Quartz - For strength and power. 
      • Citrine - For joy and abundance like sunshine. 
      • Rose Quartz - For peace, love, and healing.
      •  Net Weight: 7 ounces

   by Ariana Ost 

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