St Barths Freedom

"If the sands of St. Barths could talk, they would speak of historic legends, wild evenings, and celebrity guests. Equal parts luxury and simplicity, St. Barths is a haven for all of life’s pleasures. From sail boats to super yachts, Gustavia harbor is beating heart of the island, welcoming international visitors to the unmatched paradise. If traveling by air, the adrenaline-pumping landing is just a taste of the excitement to come in St. Barths. An extravagant atmosphere awaits, bolstered by the wealthy, recreation-seeking visitors, who often host can’t-miss New Year’s Eve parties and fabled events.

Make a statement with this beautiful St. Barths Freedom book by Assouline. An ideal piece for your home or office, it also makes the perfect gift for those who love to travel & live luxuriously."


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SIZE & FIT 10"W x 13"L


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