How To Build Your Own Holiday Gift Box

How To Build Your Own Holiday Gift Box

How To Build Your Own Holiday Gift Box
Posted by angela yeranosian on 30 November, 2022

When the Christmas holiday season looms, many of us frantically wrack our brains trying to think of gift ideas for our nearest and dearest. Sometimes, you’re lucky and know exactly what to get but it seems there’s always that one loved one for whom you never know what to buy.

Instead of spending ages trawling Amazon or succumbing to the backup plan of a boring gift card, think about a holiday gift box.

A custom gift box filled with lots of small gifts is not only an interesting and unique gift but also has that special personal touch. A DIY  Christmas gift basket is always a wonderful thing to receive no matter what it is filled with because it sends the message that the person has put some effort into their gift giving and not just purchased something common and performative.

It does take some thought but it’s always worth a little effort to create a gift set that will be truly appreciated. Here are some of the best tips for making DIY gift baskets you can be proud to present. In no time at all, you will be able to curate your gift box to present as a personalized gift to someone that you love.

Think About What They Like

It can be very tempting to just fill up a  DIY gift box with all of the items that you like, but that isn’t the point when you are putting it together for somebody else!

Try to think about things from the recipient’s point of view and pick lots of goodies that you know they would like. That is the trick to a truly great gift! If you can tap into their favorite things, then the gift box is always going to be a massive hit no matter how many items you choose to include in it. It isn’t quantity that counts when putting together something like this, it is very much quality!

If you pick a theme, you’ll find it easier to curate several items that are related and make sense when presented together rather than a random selection. You can incorporate their hobbies, passions, or even work life into the gift or you can choose pleasure as your theme and pick lots of goodies.

For example, if they are invested in self-care, then a  gift bag filled with products like essential oils, skin care lotions, and various other pampering elements goes from being a nice gift to a truly thoughtful gift as well. Or, if they love to cook, a  food-themed gift box with swanky ingredients would be perfect.

Remember, there is no age limit on a curated gift package. If the theme is suitable for the person or it is age-centric (important for children’s gift boxes), then really, you can’t go wrong.

Look For Inspiration Online

If your instincts aren’t guiding you, look online for ideas. They are many examples of ready-made gift hampers with every kind of theme you might imagine that might spark an idea.

Be careful not to get carried away and end up with a whole pile of stuff. Like with all gifts, you should set a budget. Set the amount and then make a list of the potential items including prices. Mix them around until you have the right balance of items for the budget you have decided on.

It also helps if you already have the gift bag, basket, or another container in mind because the size of the hamper may also dictate what you can include.

Don’t be rigid either. If, while browsing, you come across a single item that you know they will love but it is all the budget, there’s nothing wrong in abandoning the whole gift basket idea. The point will be that you found the perfect gift.

Include Seasonal Treats

If you are making a gift box as a Christmas present, then something that can add an instant and easy element of the theme to a holiday gift box is seasonal treats.

Peppermint candy canes, Christmas chocolates, and any other kind of holiday-centric food items will send the message of the theme home.

The holiday season is the time of the year when people are more willing to indulge in guilty pleasures, so you can be responsible for providing a few indulgent treats.

Seek Out Gifts From Small Businesses

The less generic you can make the holiday gift box, the better it will be.

Rather than just filling your online checkout basket with mass-produced trinkets and gifts that every other person has also bought this holiday season, try to explore some different and more interesting options from small businesses.

Like we suggested in the first tip, really think about the personal likes and preferences of the person for whom you are you are putting the box together. The internet is a huge, wonderful place, and we can guarantee that there will be a small business dedicated to what your loved one is most interested in, no matter how niche the subject might seem to you!

Making Up the Package

How you make up the gift package is important. You will probably spend a little time collecting the individual items so it makes sense to invest a little time in making it look as fabulous as you can. There are thousands of online tutorials on sites like YouTube and Pinterest that can help you with some of the trickier elements like gift packaging and wrapping to make the perfect gift box.

You don’t have to search specifically for  Christmas-themed boxes because the packaging for a thank-you gift set or a  birthday gift set can easily be adapted for holiday gifts by choosing holiday colors or holiday papers and decorative items.

From stickers to free printables to tips and hacks for easy DIY decorations and wrapping, there’s a multitude of stuff to make your gift boxes look the part! Of course, it matters more what is on the inside of the box, but first impressions always count for something, no matter how much people say they don’t!

And, if you want to wrap all the individual items in the basket, no rule says you can’t. If you want to prolong the gift-giving process, each item will be a surprise as the paper is ripped off. you know the recipient very well so you should feel confident you’re making the right choices.

Always Include A Greeting Card

It is important to add that final personal touch to your holiday gift box by including a greeting card where you can write a message. Some people think that sending a Christmas or birthday card is old-fashioned these days, with a text or email being preferred, but you can’t put an email up on the mantelpiece to help decorate and commemorate your celebration!

All the little gifts may be brilliant in themselves, but what brings a DIY gift box together is the sense of customization and personality that you inject into it. Write a few lines to your recipient in the card to let them know how much you appreciate them and how much you hope they have a happy holiday season.

Whether the gift box is for a partner, friend, or even an employee to say thank you for their hard work over the year, making sure that you express your sentiment in the form of a handwritten note will be the difference between special and ordinary.

This is especially important if the gift box you have put together is mostly filled with goods and items that are edible and won’t last long. Once all of the special treats have been devoured and enjoyed, your recipient will still have the greeting card as a memento.

Final Thoughts

Don’t make creating a custom gift box a chore. It should be fun collecting the items and making up a fancy package. If, however, you like the idea of a gift box, but can’t face the process or don’t have the time, browse the wide range of  ready-made gift boxes on Shop Patet.

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