10 Decor Pieces to Spruce Up Your Home

10 Decor Pieces to Spruce Up Your Home

10 Decor Pieces to Spruce Up Your Home
Posted by angela yeranosian on 29 August, 2022

If your interior design is starting to feel lackluster, there are so many simple ways to spruce it up. You don’t need to pick up an entirely new piece of furniture or install a complex backsplash to make your space feel fresh again. By adding a few small things here and there, you can effortlessly transform the look and feel of your home. Not sure where to start? Here are some of our favorite decor pieces and gift boxes for your home. 


Crystal Healing Grid 

The Rainbow Sunburst Healing Grid is a beautiful accent piece that’s intended to attract positive energy. Hang it alone as a focal point on an accent wall or mix it in with artwork to create a boho gallery wall. 

About to Rise Tea Towel 

Putting out new dish towels is the kitchen version of changing up your throw pillows. It creates an instant makeover with minimal effort on your part. Pick a patterned dish towel to add visual interest and style to your space, or go with a bright design to add a pop of color. 

All About Austin Painting Set 

The All About Austin Painting Set is a relaxing craft that results in a DIY decor piece. Spend an afternoon with this paint-by-number kit, then put your creation in a picture frame and enjoy your new wall art. 

Custom-Made Dried Flowers 

Adding flowers or house plants to your space is a tried and true home decor idea. One of our favorite ways to bring nature into your home is by incorporating dried flowers. High quality dried flowers are a beautiful natural accent that will last for years, even if you have a black thumb. Use them to liven up your entryway, dining room table, end tables, built-in bookshelves, or all of the above. 

Dusty Blush Tassel Scissors 

The Dusty Blush Tassel Scissors offer high function and plenty of style. Tuck them into their included slipcase after use or leave them out and display them as a chic home office accessory. 

Versailles Playing Cards Set

Add style to your living room coffee table with the Versailles Playing Cards Set. This set includes two standard card decks adorned with gold foil. Because the set’s box is just as pretty as its enclosed cards, you can leave it out for your guests to enjoy whenever they drop by. 

Wireless Charger and Organizer

This handy catch-all doubles as an organizer and a wireless charger. Use it to organize your accessories, charge your devices, and reduce the number of cords in your home. We love this as a front door drop-off point or as a bedside accent. 

Yia Yia and Friends Olive Oil 

Yia Yia and Friends Olive Oil comes in a modern, minimalist bottle that we can’t get enough of. This beautiful bottle feels like a decor piece, rather than just countertop clutter. 

Horn Veneer Coaster Set 

Don’t underestimate the power of a luxe coaster set. The Horn Veneer Coaster Set is one our current favorites, thanks to its daring style and exceptional craftsmanship. 

Midnight Cenote Totem Candle 

A unique candle like the Midnight Cenote Totem Candle can change the vibe of a whole room. As an added bonus, this candle features a dual-purpose lid filled with matches and a striker right on the bottom. 

Readymade Gift Boxes for Your Home 

Need more than one new decor piece for your home? Spruce up your living space in an instant with one of our readymade gift boxes.  

Anointed Throne Box

The Anointed Throne Box has everything you need to create a more luxe bathroom experience. This curated collection features a set of display-worthy toilet paper, a bottle of Lavender Vanilla Poo Pourri, and NEST’s Bamboo candle, liquid soap, and hand lotion. It also comes with a Violet Match Cloche, which is as pretty as it is practical. Who knew that lighting a match in the bathroom could be so elegant?

Green Heart Box 

Nurture your green thumb with the Green Heart Box. This gift box has everything you need to help the greenery in your home thrive. Light the vibrant, earthy Sahara Terracotta Candle before you settle in and learn how to care for your plants with the Plant Therapy coffee table book. Once you’ve honed your gardening knowledge, keep your plants looking their best with a set of high-quality garden tools by Barebones. 

Reverie Tea Box

Elevate your afternoon tea with the Reverie Tea Box. This gift set comes with a beautiful glass teapot by Vadahm, a Capucci Tea Cup, and a gleaming set of golden teaspoons by ZODAX. Select your choice of the Vahdam Tea Paris Collection or the Award Winning Loose Mountain Tea, and enjoy brewing up a beautiful new ritual. 

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