10 Inspirational Gifts that Encourage Motivation and Calmness

10 Inspirational Gifts that Encourage Motivation and Calmness

10 Inspirational Gifts that Encourage Motivation and Calmness
Posted by angela yeranosian on 19 October, 2022

What motivation is can be an emotive subject. For some, it is the catalyst that produces a burst of energy and for others, it is a crutch of support when negative emotions take hold. Some turn to bible verses while others swear by affirmations and motivational quotes.

Most of us neglect self-care and expend too much energy on the negativity in our lives whether it is work and home stressors or emotional baggage. We can all do with a helping hand to improve our wellness and we just have to find what works for us.

Forget Etsy and Amazon because here at Patet we have curated a whole selection of uncommon goods for mindfulness, wellness, and positivity. Here are some of our more unique gifts that promote motivation and calmness to encourage you to find the best self you can be. We love their theoretical and practical help, we love their uplifting qualities and we love that they make great gift ideas for a loved one or yourself.

Blueberry, Ginger, Lotus Flower, and Dead Sea Salt Bath Soak

After a long day, there is nothing like slipping into a steamy bath for a long soak. A warm bath has a magical way of completely relaxing you and making your body more receptive to a peaceful sleep. And we know, a good night’s sleep is the best way to start the next day. Wake up all calm the morning after and ready to get going after a bath infused with this uplifting soak. as well as smelling wonderful, the Dead Sea Salts will cleanse and detoxify and you can luxuriate in the organic sacred lotus flowers. Pour a glass of wine, light some candles and lie back and relax.

Know Your Worth Candle

We just mentioned candles, right? You can buy regular old scented candles but why when you can upgrade to a premium version? And what is better than a candle for stress relief with an inspirational quote? This candle reminds you that you are always much better than you always think you are. Self-confidence builds motivation and when you’re motivated things are easier and you’re less stressed. Even better, buy this candle, and money is donated to the non-profit, Girls Inc. Girl power!

Unwind Lavender & Mint Pulse Point Balm

You can’t get good, calming, or motivational vibes from your inner goddess if she is wrapped in tension and anxiety. When you’ve had a hard day or stressful time at home or work, release your best self with some restful meditation enhanced by some hydra aromatherapy pulse point balm. Infused with soothing lavender and cool mint, it helps tame all those gnarly issues fogging your brain. Follow it with good sleep and you’ll be ready to face tomorrow like the boss woman you are.

Good Vibes Healing Crystal Bundle

Have you ever given any thought to the healing powers of crystals? If you want to look at different ways to boost your wellness, there is a crystal that will work on confidence, anxiety, strength and so many, many more personality traits and emotions. If more self-care is at the top of your to-do list, crystals are a very satisfying option to get into and our lovely bestseller set presents you with a versatile mix. There are nine mini crystals including clear quartz (strength), rose quartz (self-love and compassion), aquamarine (calm), and amethyst (anxiety relief). When you need a pick-me-up, reach for a crystal.

Jumbo Book Cloth Journal - Affirmations

Did you know that one of the most thoughtful gifts you can give yourself is a journal? Journalling has become recognized as an important wellness tool by the mental health industry. This delightful journal has a cover that will act as your very own set of affirmation cards every time you pick it up and as you write in it every day, you’ll reap the benefits of your own words. Just some of the ways keeping a daily journal will help is it will keep you motivated to achieve your goals which in turn will help your self-confidence and reduce stress and anxiety by providing an outlet for your emotions. You can tell your journal things you won’t even tell your best friend.

Moon Bath Book

Easily one of our most unusual gifts motivational gifts but a firm favorite with us here at Patet. Based on ancient Ayurvedic wisdom, the book presents a way to harness the healing powers of nature through bathing. It contains 16 rituals for bathing and showering that are aligned to the moon cycle and natural cosmos rhythms. There’s a recipe of healing natural ingredients for each ritual and the book also doubles as a journal. There are stunning photographs of nature and affirmations and motivational quotes that can help with meditation. If you’re ready to wash away your daily stressors, you need this book.

Moon Signs: Unlock Your Inner Luminary Power Book

Being at one with your personality is about knowing yourself. Being calm in life means knowing how to handle the peaks and troughs of your emotions and success depends on understanding what motivates you. With the help of this fascinating book, you’ll go on a journey of self-discovery based on the lunar path through your birth chart. When you know your inner self, you’ll be empowered to conquer your fears and anxieties. Go deeper into your astrology than any horoscope ever could.

High Spirits

If you are a beginner or want to introduce someone to the world of crystals, this box set is exactly what you need. It contains three items that will set you on the right path to balancing your energy.

Crystals by Yulia Van Doren
Rainbow Sunburst Healing Crystal Grid by Ariana Ost
Mantra Buddha Porcelain Diffuser Aegean Teakwood by Zodax

    The book is a practical but visually appealing explanation of 51 crystals and their meanings and powers, some of which feature in the Sunburst Grid. Enhance your crystal experience with the aroma of the Buddha diffuser.

    Release the Negativity

    Negativity is a barrier to success. How can you be motivated when your mindset is not positive? How can you be calm when you are weighed down by emotional baggage? The six items in this gift box are designed to combine to help you on your journey to mindfulness, however often you want to take a step forward into it. To be able to proudly claim “I am the conqueror of my chaos”, contains

    CBD Muscle, Joint & Skin Balm by Shea Brand
    Dusty Pink Radiant Rainbow Book cloth Cover Book Bound by Designworks
    Blue sage + roses smudge stick by Black + Jane
    Detox Your Thoughts by Andrea Bonior, PhD
    Small Flower of Life crystal grid by Ariana Ost
    Selenite incense holder by Ariana Ost

      Stairway to Manifestation

      You know the quotes. “I think, therefore I am”. “Build it and they will come”. “If you don’t have a dream, how are you gonna have a dream come true?” And, of course, “every great journey begins with a single step.” (sic). We’ve put together six items that will motivate you to make your next step. i

      Heavily Meditated by Caitlin Cady
      Ecuadorian Palo Santo + White Selenite Crystal Bundle by Black + Jane
      Boxed Color Block Pen by Designworks
      Morning Rituals by PrintFresh
      Nighttime Reflections by PrintFresh
      Candle Tin by Skeem Design
      Third Eye Amethyst Crystal by Ariana Ost

        We’re confident that we have presented you with a fabulous and versatile range of accessories and accouterments for motivation and calmness suitable for all special day gifts including birthdays, anniversaries, and Christmas. And, we won’t tell anyone if you’re motivated to treat yourself!

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