Unique Corporate Gift Ideas To Show You Care

Unique Corporate Gift Ideas To Show You Care

Unique Corporate Gift Ideas To Show You Care
Posted by angela yeranosian on 28 October, 2022

From client gifts to strengthen a business relationship, to employee gifts for a team member’s hard work, to things like gift boxes for the best customers at the end of each year, the spectrum of corporate gift giving is very wide. It can be something that does more to build a brand and business ties than any marketing strategy you may have tried.

Whether you want to call them corporate goodies, holiday gifts or business thank yous, finding the perfect gift among box sets, gift baskets and other swag is not always easy. You want something useful or meaningful, something that stands out among other business gifts.

It pays to start thinking about the best corporate gifts and employee appreciation gifts in advance of the holiday season, especially if you don’t want to resort to simple gift cards or the stand-by standard bottle of wine.

Here are some ideas for company gifts that might be perfect for your clients, associates, and employees this year. If you can find the best gift or gift set, then you will certainly be rewarded with sales, productivity, and loyalty when work gets back into full swing after the holidays!

Melanine Lunch Box

Great corporate gifts for employees are items they can make the most of during their working hours. With the worlds of business and industry, in particular, being forced to take a long, hard look at their carbon footprint, a high-quality reusable lunch box can be something that encourages all gift recipients to reduce their single-use plastic consumption both at work and at home.

Being as ethical and environmentally responsible as possible is something that is top of mind for everyone in this current climate and a gift like this can help to make a difference.

Tumbler With Straw

Of course, if you are bringing a reusable lunch box to work, then you need a reusable water bottle too!

A great-looking water tumbler like this one can easily be customized to feature a company logo or monogram and a company’s branding being part of the gift options is always a smart move because it acts as a constant reminder of who gave the gifts in the first place!

Tumblers, water bottles, and coffee mugs are all items that office workers in particular can never have enough of, but when made out of quality materials like stainless steel, for example, they can be used even wider for the company as well in terms of sending personalized gifts to high profile clients and partners.

Dominoes Table Top Game Set

If you want to send fun gifts out to much-appreciated employees, then a simple set of well-made dominoes can be more effective than you might think!

No company can reach its full potential without commitment and hard work at every level of the operation, and just like a set of dominoes, if one falls or fails, then everything else comes crashing down as a result!

You can let your employees know this with a meaningful personalized message explaining just that, and not only will they appreciate the personal touch of a handwritten note, but they will also feel like they are valued members of the team.

Jumbo Book Cloth Journal - Affirmations

Although today’s business world is high-tech, it can be nice to have something tactile to use alongside the various Apple products, wireless chargers, Bluetooth speakers, and earbuds that every employee and corporate partner already has!

A journal might seem a little bit old-fashioned, even a bit ‘basic’, but going back to basics is often something that gives those in the corporate world a fresh boost of enthusiasm. They can use it to brainstorm social media ideas before turning to their tech, write down gift ideas of their own, or they can enjoy the emotional and psychological benefits of keeping a personal journal ... the possibilities are endless.

This journal is filled with daily affirmations to help keep people motivated and positive about their work, which is an extra perk both for employees and employers!

Natural Wood Links

If you’re looking for a desk “toy” or ornament that is far more interesting than a Newton’s Cradle and way better looking and more fun than any kind of stress ball or fidget spinner, this set of wooden links is both. What a great gift!

The links are made from paulownia wood, an eco-friendly material because it is the fastest growing of all hardwoods so your corporate conscience can be a little cleaner.

The links look well twisted into a shape you prefer and when you’re not manipulating them, they look great on any surface.

Also available in white and black.

Mediterranean Diet Gift Box

If you are buying for particularly special clients, or you want to go all out to celebrate a specific company milestone, then choose a corporate gift box rather than a single item.

This Mediterranean diet box is much more interesting than anything you can find on Amazon or Etsy, and the great thing is that it contains items that are designed for you to be able to keep and add to your kitchen collection at home, as well as items to be enjoyed in the immediate. It provides the best of both worlds!

Give a real flavor of Greece with olive oil and rusk crackers. the recipe book will inspire anyone to cook and the olive wood spoons are the perfect server for a Greek salad.

Reverie Tea

In recent years, we’ve gone mad for coffee in every form and flavor possible and lately, it’s been designer gins but if you’re a company with traditional values and would like to send that message in a beverage-based corporate gift, it has to be tea.

The gift box is a reminder of how tea used to be quite a ritual and even now is still something we look to for comfort as well as a thirst quencher. Forget chucking a single tea bag into a mug because the Reverie Tea set takes you back to the real art of tea making with loose-leaf tea and an infuser. The set is completed by a smart-looking matching teapot and teacup and Moroccan teaspoons.

Yia Yia’s Olive Oil Clique Gift Box

If you are a foodie-based company or you simply have a large network of people who you know would love a foodie-themed corporate gift set, then look no further than this amazing and unique olive oil selection box.

Achieving the perfect combination of style and substance, the gift box offers a range of exciting, high-quality olive oils in uniquely decorated bottles that can be reused for oil or as home decor items.

The highest quality extra virgin oil is the star of the show in each bottle, with four different varieties as a sampler. No matter what kind of cuisine the gift recipient’s favorite happens to be, these oils will come in handy for many meals.

Make a Point!

To drive home the connection with your company with gifts like these, you should always throw in a cheeky business card with the delivery to make sure the recipient knows who is responsible for the generous act!

Customized Corporate Gifts

Here at Patet, we offer a service to build your very own custom corporate gift boxes. It’s a simple step-by-step process. All you have to do is choose your wrapping, choose your items, compose your gift message and we do the rest.

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