10 Adorable Gifts To Give Pet Lovers

10 Adorable Gifts To Give Pet Lovers

10 Adorable Gifts To Give Pet Lovers
Posted by angela yeranosian on 24 October, 2022

Are you lucky enough to be greeted by a bouncy dog barking excitedly or a purring cat weaving around your legs when you get home? The loving bond between a pet and its owner is something that can never be broken! Friends might come and go, partners might come and go, and even jobs might come and go, but as soon as you get home at the end of the day your furry friend is waiting for you with all of the affection in the world. It makes everything feel instantly better.

Being a pet owner can feel like a gift in itself with the unwavering love that you receive from your pooch or kitty best friend, but what about those times when you want to buy something for a loved one who shares the same thoughts and feelings as you about being a devoted pet parent?

When special occasions like birthdays, Christmas, and other celebrations come around, the perfect gift ideas for dog owners and cat owners are always related to their pets. All cat and dog lovers know that once those fur babies enter your life, they instantly become one of its most important parts!

You know how much we love to help so we’ve put together a list of our high-quality products that would make great anytime and holiday gifts for the cat and dog lovers in your life. You never know, you might even find something that you want to buy for your pet to enjoy right now or to save as a fun stocking stuffer for later in the year.

Here are ten of the most adorable and best gifts to give any cat/dog mom or cat/dog loving dad who takes their kitty/doggy parent responsibilities as seriously as you do!

Modernist Dog/Cat Bowtie

Why opt for a boring cat or dog collar when you can choose a bowtie instead and take things to the next level? Who needs a bandana when something so much stylish and sophisticated is available?

You never know what kind of formal animal event your or your friend’s pet is going to need to attend in the future, so make sure that they are covered for all occasions with this stylish bowtie collar. The neutral color theme makes it a great choice for pets of any fur variety, and you won’t be able to resist pulling out the smartphone to take a dozen or more pictures for Instagram!

Psst. There are different colors and patterns available.

Fog Waxed Canvas Waste Bag Dispenser

Sometimes the practical kinds of gifts are the best gifts for dog lovers who already have all of the cute dog toys and dog treats that they could ever possibly need. There is no doubt that a poop bag certainly falls within the remit of a practical gift that we all need but nobody talks about.

Picking up your dog’s mess when out for a walk is one of the least fun jobs of being a pet owner, but hopefully, this waxed canvas waste bag dispenser can add a little bit of style to your everyday duties.

Safari Tiger Pet Bowl

If you want a practical everyday gift, a water or food bowl is right at the top of the list.

Some people always opt for the most boring, plainest-looking bowls for their pets simply because they serve the desired function. Even those bowls engraved with the dog’s name can be pretty boring. When it comes to giving a gift it is always nice to push the boat out and pick something special.

We love the different colors and patterns of this design that is equally suitable as a cat or dog bowl that offers a cool change in style and as well as looking good, it’s totally practical. There’s also a different option with the zebra pattern.

Heart Felt Cat Toy

Sometimes the best ideas in the gift guides are the most simple ones, and something like this cute cat toy hits the spot! Sure, it might not be the most unique gift in the world, but we all know that cats end up ignoring the fancy stuff in favor of hours of cuddling with a smaller toy!

The classic heart shape can be something that pet owners enjoy as the recipient of the gift, and the cat who gets to play with it can be content with the small shape that is perfect for grabbing and attacking.

Mouse Felt Cat Toy

And staying with the theme, if you don’t want to gift the heart, then perhaps a cute grey mouse might be more appropriate.

Cats can’t resist anything even remotely mouse-shaped, and a cute toy like this will no doubt become one of the firm favorites in the overflowing toy box.

Boho Mud Cloth Dog Collar

Whether you have a pug, dachshund, Great Dane, or mongrel rescue dog, every pet pooch needs a great collar! Of course, there are plenty of generic and fine options at Amazon, Etsy, and even Walmart, but none of them are quite as cool as this one!

The collar is made from a naturally soft fabric on both the inside and outside, making it perfect for dogs that might have nylon allergies or a tendency to chafe. With a nylon webbing core, the collar might look delicate but it can withstand more than one thousand pounds of pull, and there are reinforced box stitches all over the major stress points!

Amani Sand Dog Squeaky Toy

This is the kind of toy that is chewy in all of the right places to ensure that it is long-lasting and durable. It is a great gift for a young or new dog who is just starting to sink its teeth into everything, including slippers and furniture!

As all pet owners know, chew toys are an essential item for every dog breed, but especially the larger ones and the hyper wild ones that have so much energy to burn every hour of the day.

Buying one single high-quality chew toy is so much better than spending the same amount of money on a set of five cheaper ones that fall apart after a few days. Plus this one is made super cute by the fact it squeaks!

Onyx Marine Rope Dog Leash

A good dog leash is an essential item for all dog parents because the last thing you want to have to do is chase a pet that got loose in the park!

Along with strength and functionality, style is also something that you should pay attention to, because who wants to be the least fashionable dog and pet duo when out on a walk? With a leash like this, you never have to worry about being put on the worst-dressed list at the park!

Metropolitan Cat Set

If you can’t decide on just a single gift for your cat-loving recipient, then push the boat out with this amazing set that includes a range of bow ties, bowls, and toys.

A gift set rather than a single present can be perfect for special occasions like Christmas, or birthdays, and we don’t just mean the birthday of your friend or loved one. If you know the birthdate of the kitty in question, then they deserve their special day of celebration too!

Dog Capone Set

Of course, it isn’t only the cats that get to enjoy a gift set if they want to, we’ve got a collection for doggies as well!

This Capone dog gift set features the bow tie, collar, poop bag, leash and chew toy that has been separately listed above, with the addition of a bottle of amazing pet CBD tincture that can help your pup settle in their dog bed free from stress and anxiety. All in all, it is a gift set that covers pretty much every angle of being a dog parent!

Sometimes, deciding on a gift for someone is not an easy task but if you know they are a loving pet owner, you can focus the gift on that. By making their pet happy, you make the owner happy too.

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