New Year 2023 Party Decor Must Haves

New Year 2023 Party Decor Must Haves

New Year 2023 Party Decor Must Haves
Posted by angela yeranosian on 16 December, 2022

Many of us seem to put so much pressure on ourselves during the holiday season that we aren’t able to enjoy the fun all the effort is designed to create. When you’re responsible for organizing meals for Thanksgiving and Christmas and having to shop for gifts, there’s so much planning involved. You could fly by the seat of your pants but you don’t want to run the risk of forgetting the marshmallows for the sweet potatoes or the pressie for Auntie Betsy!

That’s why many of us look forward to New Year’s Eve as the chance to truly let our hair down even if you’re opening your home for a party. There is something about planning a New Year’s Eve party that doesn’t feel quite as dramatic or stressful as planning Christmas Day, largely because it tends to be an occasion that you enjoy with friends rather than your entire family.

When it comes to New Year’s Eve party ideas, there are countless tips and tricks for decoration ideas that can create the perfect atmosphere to ring in the New Year in a fun way. There is no need to take all of your Christmas decorations down, but there are a few extra touches that you can add to your home decor to give it a distinctive NYE flare.

Here are some of our favorite NYE party theme must-haves that will effortlessly transform your home from a winter wonderland into a festive place to enjoy the last night of the year. Put together some of these new year’s eve party decorations and new years eve party supplies and we can guarantee that you will have a fantastic evening filled with fun and friends.

Blue Tinsel Banner Garland

The holiday season is all about putting as much glitz and glam into your decorations as possible, and this blue tassel tinsel banner garland is a great choice for New Year’s Eve celebrations because it uses a different color than is traditionally used for Christmas decorations. It will make your NYE decorations different and distinct.

Tinsel banners are an essential part of any New Year’s Eve party kit, and are a really easy thing to put up to instantly transform any room into a vibrant party space. They prove to be the perfect accompaniment to the classic happy new year banner and foil balloons that are a staple of any NYE event.

Disco Ball Drink Tumblers

Hopefully, you already have a disco ball to hang from your ceiling, so why not add a few disco ball-shaped drink tumblers to add to the fun? Making sure that everybody has a drink in their hand is essential for a successful party, whether they are opting for alcohol or starting their New Year’s resolutions early with something non-alcoholic.

These super fun disco ball drink tumblers make great party favors for guests, something unique and interesting to sip a bubbly cocktail from at the moment of the ball drop. And at the end of the party, it gives guests something to take away with them as a souvenir to remember how much fun they had on NYE 2023!

Funky Napkins

Happy New Year parties tend to be more casual events that don’t include a formal sit-down meal, with the more popular option being a buffet spread that guests can return to whenever they want. A buffet helps the party to keep its fast pace and good vibes, as you don’t want to break up with fun and dancing to set down for a three-course meal before midnight!

No good buffet table is complete without disposable plates, straws, and cutlery to go along with the appetizers and snacks, and these funky napkins complete the DIY food station perfectly. They are the perfect compromise between festive and party because they have a classic Christmas quote on them combined with very vibrant and fun colors.

Plenty Of Confetti

No New Year countdown is complete without mountains of confetti! An explosion of color and glitter makes the midnight moment that extra bit special, and you will have fantastic photos and videos for your social media accounts.

Confetti poppers are an easy way for everybody to get involved when the clock strikes midnight, so buy a big batch and hand them out when the time is getting close to welcome in the new year with a bang!

In terms of which colors to use, the world is your oyster, but we tend to think that avoiding the signature reds and greens of Christmas is a sensible way to make sure that your NYE party feels different and distinct from the festive celebrations that you will have already attended and hosted in the month.

Pack Of Sparklers

The more ways that you get lights and excitement into your NYE party, the better. Indoor and outdoor sparklers are a great way to do this with minimum effort. You can ensure that your bash goes off with a shining bang with this set of beautiful sparklers.

They are much more fun and dramatic than streamers and noisemakers, and make for much more interesting photos of your party! Of course, any children who want to enjoy these will need to be under the supervision of an adult, and perhaps the same rules apply to anybody who looks like they might have had one too many cocktails before getting their hands on mini explosives!

Candles For Ambiance

Candles are a great way to add atmosphere and ambiance to a party setting. Just be careful not to place them too close to anything flammable like ribbon swirls, party balloons, or a party piñata that you might have put up for fun and games!

These candles in particular are an interesting design that can add a lot to your party room design and can create a sense of fluidity across several rooms if you are opening up the whole of your home to your guests.

Be careful of a lot of melting wax that the candles might produce, as you don’t want to put too many together and create a big mess to have to clean up the day after the party. Put a few coasters down to make sure that your surfaces remain protected, and there will be extra spaces for your guests to put down their tumblers and champagne flutes.


You may have a stock of beer and bubbly but you can make a splash with a bar where your guests can make their cocktails. Get things rolling by having a few pitchers of ready-made cocktails - choose popular ones to appeal to all tastes such as martini, margarita, cosmopolitan, and Long Island iced tea. Then stock up with the main spirits and mixers plus usual additives like lemons, lime juice, cherries, olives, sugar syrup, and bitters,

Of course, you need a cocktail shaker and strainer, so this barware set is ideal as your bar’s centerpiece as it includes a measure and stirrer too. Add some cocktail picks and you can also help things along by sticking a cocktail recipe book near the drinks and letting people enter into the spirit of the occasion.

We hope we’ve given you some great ideas for creating a fun atmosphere in your home this New Year’s Eve. Be subtle or over-the-top but above all make it welcoming and fun. Everyone here at Patet wishes you a very happy and prosperous 2023.

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