Mykonos Blue Love

In the spirit of dissolving bad energies and allowing Greece to inspire us, we’ve got you wrapped in piercing blue cheerfulness. You may use the hand fan to freshen up, but to alienate lousy luck, you’ll need the evil eye pendant and the smooth pajama. The reassuring light of our candles is the last adding.


    • Mykonos Muse by Assouline 
    • Amara Two Piece Set by Averie (S,M,L)
    • Blue lagoon fragranced candle 6.5 oz Sunset Beach by Zodax
    • Blue lagoon fragranced candle 3.5 oz Sunset Beach by Zodax 
    • Social Butterfly Black Nymph Hand Fan Sipo Wood & Woven Cotten by Khu Khu 

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