No. 2 Toilet Paper

No. 2 Toilet Paper

When it comes to toilet paper, there are no right words to state the obvious. But there is a right feel. And no one should set for mediocrity. Excessively fanciful, feels like a silk scarf gently wiping your royal kingdom.

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    Each package contains 3 rolls. Pick your favorite designs, or let us choose for you!

    Available patterns: Along the Lines, Black, Cool Cat, Green Palm Leaf, In Full Bloom Black, In Full Bloom White, Leopard, Vacation Blues

  • 100% bamboo toilet paper
  • Strong for a clean wipe
  • Silky touch with a classic dot pattern
  • 100% recycled paper packaging that's recyclable
  • Ink, dyes and scent-free
  • Plastic-free packaging
  • Sustainably sourced